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  1. Procedure for posting replays
  2. great 2v2, GLA and USA vs china and USA
  3. Not to rain on Raz's parade or anything...
  4. 1v1...cant come closer to a tie than this
  5. Me vs a disconnecter
  6. XiLe vs Neverside (GLA USA) great early USA infantry rush by neverside....
  7. --BA-- vs. *OSC*!!!
  8. Me vs. some guy 93-3
  9. XiLe(me) and chrono [vs] EJ and DuffMaN BEST 2V2 IVE BEEN IN
  10. Chrono vs Beo-Wulf
  11. Fast china win
  12. Gla ownage
  13. if your bored or just wanna watch a replay, this game cracked me up
  14. me vs. ambush
  15. OMG guys China owns GLA, this is ridiculous
  16. Ouch. My face hurts. I just got STOMPED! Watch, quick replay.
  17. XiLE_XMiA[vs]CZiggA_Chrono69x
  18. I should quit. I can't believe I lost that game! MY GOD! I out tanked him 10 to 1!
  19. Replay additions
  20. Neverside(Xanthine) [VS] YXee(Xile) OMGOSH!!!!
  21. a disconnecting tunnel rusher, hooray!
  22. Neverside (me) vs Chrono96x (pwner)
  23. Me VS. SoViETNaTioN
  24. China ownage
  25. Trouble with infantry rush :(
  26. For Pete's sake! Somebody teach me how to use tanks! ARGH!
  27. Me vs [CW]Sabotage
  28. My 1st round tourney game replay: XiLe[vs]SovietSoldier
  29. me vs some kid
  30. amazing come from behind win...i owe it all to FOW
  31. another china beatdown
  32. China beatdown
  33. Do us a fave love
  34. [Rape] vs [SH8]
  35. sell mcv rushes in generals now?
  36. MSB vs RAPE
  37. papsarmy vs Dragon-1vs1Case (Chin-gla)
  38. best come back for me and blaze
  39. Replay - gg 3vs3
  40. LMAO, best FFA ever! Gotta watch it till the end
  41. Great game. First GLA vs China for 1.5. Tons of action, lotsa twists :p
  42. Stunning game - best Generals game I've had
  43. me vs airboom 71-0 chinese player
  44. My lan friends are sad players :(
  45. me vs c0br8, gla vs gla, excellent game
  46. beating the comp in under 3 mins, it can be done
  47. Oldbold vs G-spot, 19-1 chinese player may 29
  48. Damnit rocket buggies, I had him
  49. 3 Replays from me to you
  50. lol, Oldbold vs USAOwnage a so-called "legend"
  51. Old I'm still yet to get that TH+Gatt replay, but this game was pretty good
  52. QUACKERxnc is cheater!!!
  53. stupid question..
  54. ?