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  2. Hard Decision
  3. I didn't know WW used Delphi for this...
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  5. gen
  6. date of release?
  7. IMPORTANT News from the Generals games.
  8. ba gonna host tournies?
  9. General Q's answered here...
  10. BA own VIP's
  11. Whos going to get genrals???
  12. Rofl!
  13. Black Assassins Moving to Generals?
  14. Any of you guys get your generals beta in yet???
  15. Generals tourney
  16. Who shall win?
  17. Generals not worth it
  18. 12/4 Patch Info
  19. anyone wanna play
  20. anyone wanna share their bo's?
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  24. There's gonna be an official ladder
  25. Generals = Warcraft 3 rip off.
  26. is this the end? initail generals thoughts here
  27. Cheats for Online out already...??!!??
  28. slashdot article
  29. Who has the game or is planning to buy it?
  30. Lmfao|
  31. Official ladder is released...
  32. login names for n00bs
  33. post ur strats
  34. best strategy against nuke cannons
  35. Need two people who have generals to test something
  36. 4th GLA mission is impossible.
  37. Online command things
  38. Where does Generals keep the save games?
  39. Talking to mark skaggs (producer)
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  41. How is generals' like...
  42. Argh! Pathfinding...
  43. Fake 1.02 Patch - Watchout
  44. Best Generals players....
  45. Will there be a generals Replay section in here?
  46. Buy Legal!
  47. My thoughts on this game
  48. does generals suck?
  49. Most fun unit to use???
  50. Does USA suck?
  51. Whats your favorite side?
  52. The fair player badge..
  53. Patch 1.3
  54. Generalz lobby's
  55. pretty funny, or sad however you take it
  56. new update
  57. Anyone play random?
  58. w00t!! I think I got reconned in a game here is pic.
  59. Can't get patch
  60. Clans?
  61. I Own U All
  62. Gattling Tanks
  63. Scorpions or Marauders?
  64. Hmm interesting
  65. Generals Tourney
  66. Argh.....
  67. Get it?
  68. whats all ur online nicks
  69. sad quite sad
  70. what shall we?
  71. Official generals ladder up and running...
  72. once USA gets paladins and tomahawks...
  73. Wasteland Warlords. Derricks or Ore Ref?
  74. whats the deal with disconnects in QM?
  75. Is there any way to.......
  76. Patch 1.04 update:
  77. Special Announcement
  78. Thought some of you might get a kick out of this
  79. Anything you guys wanna see patched up in patch 1.04? post here...
  80. Ea Will Never Punish Disconners Here's Why
  81. where does everyone hang out?
  82. Poll Poll!!! Which unit is most unbalanced/overpowered IYO?
  83. Working POLL! Which unit is the most overpowered/unbalanced IYO?
  84. Tourney
  85. us vs us
  86. Optimal Resource Number
  87. simple question i think
  88. I dont got the game but...
  89. Cases Ladder
  90. They should make disconnecting an automatic loss no matter what
  91. ok WTF
  92. i like usa :D but i'm too open to rushing :\
  93. Patch 1.4 update 3/5
  94. I bought Generals today.....I returned it 2 hours later
  95. So 99% of you that said they wouldnt buy it did...
  96. Migs or Raptors?
  97. getting rid of the logo
  98. I Just Noticed.....
  99. My Replays
  100. Best hero units
  101. Sign your clan up at www.clanwars.cc
  102. --BA-- on Genrals?
  103. No 3 minute rule...
  104. best strategy to use from the strategy centre
  105. New Patch
  106. W00000T!!! 25 second rule!! I can't believe EA listened!!!!!!!
  107. 1.4 out within an hour or two
  108. OMG they TOTALLY nerfed tunnels in 1.04
  109. Tunnels nerfed from 5 to 20 seconds good or bad?
  110. I can't watch replays from 1.03 any more, can you?
  111. !!!very Important!!!
  112. Just got it :\
  113. Generals Ladder
  114. Technical Question
  115. out of sync
  116. Zug Zug.
  117. sick of generals?
  118. GLA Power Bug
  119. Building things fast after you take over an enemy dozer/com center
  120. sadest of the sad
  121. Well I found out last night that Generals can't run on my comp...yet
  122. I challenge anybody to beat me...
  123. EA cares
  124. Omg! The Train Raped Me!!!!!!!!!!
  125. How do I defend again Humvee/rocket rush as China?
  126. How to prevent Black Lotus.
  127. Low tech China without migs VS high tech with migs! Who wins!?!
  128. Exact proof of tunnel build time vs gatt cannon. No stopwatch bull.
  129. Stuff you may not know...
  130. As war in Iraq begins...
  131. This forum is...
  132. I noticed
  133. Questions (in adapting to Generals!)
  134. german boycott?
  135. When is 1.5 supposed to be here?
  136. Does anybody ever use the repair ability?!??
  137. 2v2 Tourney
  138. Any one who likes China???
  139. WTF is up with the matcher?
  140. Can't connect to generals online
  141. Can I get a 2v2 partner?
  142. Paladin vs. Crusader
  143. ROFL, the ultimate artillery attack, by Forsy and DuF
  144. Patch 1.5
  145. Patch is out. Testing now.
  146. where are all the good players?
  147. Cheat out?
  148. Command and Conquer Generals-Sand Storm X Pack
  149. Cases link?
  150. Generals Tournaments
  151. cheaters section
  152. Greatest post on the "official generals forums":
  153. I keep getting d/c in begining of qm???
  154. 1.6 and MiGs
  155. GLA Tips
  156. E3
  157. washing
  158. Question
  159. Greetings! From an Old friend
  160. Shame on you:)
  161. Problem DLing the patch
  162. Patch and other updates
  163. Why?
  164. whats the point in playing generals?
  165. Gla?
  166. Generals Rushed?
  167. Thought process of your avg generals cheater
  168. gens dead?
  169. Zero Hour Expansion Set , so whos gonna buy it?
  170. Heres Screen Shots of the Expansion set
  171. EA, Has Changed Message Boards, READ!
  172. Zero Hour New Ladder Kit
  173. Which are do you think well be powerful in the expan Usa,GLA, or China?
  174. In 14 Days from now Generals Zero Hour Expan will be OUT!
  175. in 2 days generals is ocming out!
  176. Zero Hour
  177. CnC tips (chaina Tank)
  178. Replays
  179. Its EPiCwH Hey everyone
  180. Old funny post I made about Gens a long time ago