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  2. Baseball player salary cap
  3. Violent video games
  4. Church
  5. Thongs..
  6. Drugs
  7. How do you feel about the 9th circuit judges decision in Cali?
  8. American attitudes torwards ethnic minorities.
  9. Saddam Hussain having a Nuke threat?
  10. Death Penalty
  11. Drug testing in the workplace, is it ethical?
  12. Victoria Secert modeling show
  13. McDonalds responsible for people being fat?
  14. Piscinex is a wannabe American!!!
  15. tysons new fight vs etienne
  16. Forsy... in response to the sydro thread
  17. This is bullshit (lebron james)
  18. Is Bush picking too many fights?
  19. Anti war on iraq webby with a twist.
  20. |imo|
  21. Do you think Yuri's Revenge is for kids?
  22. Alternatives to fossil fuels
  23. Suicide bombers
  24. Saddam calls for banning weapons of mass destruction world wide
  25. Well the French are really in for it now...
  26. Should torture be allowed?
  27. Are awards this large...
  28. Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?
  29. lol@iraq
  30. I know we have debated and talked a ton about the war but I am curious about somethin
  31. North Korea has weapons of mass destruction but they dont have oil...
  32. Iraq beeing liberated.
  33. Latest Iraq news
  34. Some idiot believes opinions can't be wrong
  35. Video games a sport?
  36. Religion
  37. Piracy/File sharing
  38. Thailand - Online gaming curfew
  39. New Debate: Minorities and College acceptance
  40. Another debate
  41. Debate: Personal transportation vs public
  42. I feel like me and prok have been having this debate all along...
  43. Now that the war with Iraq is over.
  44. i was wondering..
  45. reinstating the draft
  46. Fossil Fuels
  47. Fahrenheit 9/11 - You gotta be kidding me
  48. presidential debates
  49. Jihadis release video of Bigley murder
  50. CBS just did an article on not letting the mentally challanged vote.
  51. Wanna know what is wrong with the U.S. Federal Government?
  52. The Ultimate JOHN KERRY AD!!
  53. Since you probably ignored this subject (ashamed)...
  54. For Fucks Sake